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 Beauty comes in many flavours


Every brand comes with their own flair and flavour of expression. Appealing to their every sense can often be difficult when their first point of interaction is through a screen on social media. So how do we connect with our consumers from anywhere in the world? Welcome to Content Marketing.


Thursday Night Live

Flow Jamaica looked to Stush marketing for a solution in bringing younger consumers over to them. We delivered by providing an engaging platform where fans would get to interact in real time with their favourite personalities and win special prizes, while also enjoying fresh content created by our in house team of creatives. Thursday Night brought in active engagement to their Instagram and Youtube platforms through a special live show hosted by Dale Elliot and Renee Moncrieffe. 

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Experience Ting

To build a successful campaign, we often have to go to the root of a company’s unique brand position and how we can capitalize on it. Ting Jamaica approached Stush Marketing with one major vision in mind; make us the crowd favourite again.

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Health industries across the world often lag behind others when implementing a cohesive online presence. The team at Island Laparoscopy (ILAP) realised the benefits of getting closer to their customer base and decided to get a check-up with the specialist for everything social. Stush Marketing created a unique prescription to improve their online presence, resulting in a whole new base of customers and setting the new standard for medical practices across the nation.